Exchanging Your Festiva Week

One of the many benefits of vacation ownership with Festiva Hospitality Group is the ability to exchange your week, whether fixed or float, with either Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II). With over 6,500 resorts combined around the world II and RCI serve as a passport to the four corners of the globe, providing an endless array of vacation opportunities.   

The basic concept of exchanging is simple. When an owner desires to explore beyond their available network of resorts they can give their week of usage to the exchange company. The exchange company will maintain a “bank” of available weeks from affiliated resorts around the world where other owners have also deposited their usage. In return for the deposited week the exchange company will secure a reservation at a desired location equal to the week deposited.

Once you have decided to exchange your week the process to do so is simple.

Obtain Deposit Information

Deposits can be made 12 months in advance and no later than 14 days prior to the check in date and maintenance fees must be paid on the week you are depositing. The exchange company will need the information of the week you are turning over for deposit. To begin there are 2 basic types of weeks owners, fixed week and float week. Prior to contacting your exchange company be sure you are aware which type of week you own as the process for depositing is slightly different for each. If you are not sure which you own consult your contract or contact Festiva’s Owner Services Department.

Fixed week owners will have the same week each year, thus will be aware of the check-in date and unit number and will only need to contact the exchange company directly and deposit. Float week owners will need to contact whichever office normally handles their reservations. Inform the reservation specialist you wish to reserve a week for deposit with either II or RCI. Be sure to obtain the following information about your week for the exchange company.

●     Resort Code

●     Unit Size

●     Check-in Date

●     Unit Number

●     Confirmation Number

Once the week is reserved simply call the exchange company and deposit the unit. For a large number of owners at resorts managed by Festiva Hospitality Group the reservation specialist will be able to directly deposit the week into your account, eliminating the need for the above information. When this takes place you will receive a confirmation of deposit number.

Placing Exchange Request

After confirming the deposit it is time to place a request for a reservation. It is recommended that you select at least 3 different resorts and one travel date, or one specific resort with at least 3 travel dates. Keep in mind the more flexible you can be as to where and when you can travel the more likely you are to get a reservation. Once the request is placed you will be charged an exchange fee. If your selection is available the reservation will be confirmed immediately. If there is nothing available for your desired vacation you can request to be placed on a wait list. Getting on the wait list early is highly recommended as availability changes daily. When a week becomes open at one of your requested locations the exchange company will contact you to confirm the reservation.

Interval International

●     2,500 resorts in over 75 countries

●     Exchange Rate: $159 Domestic – $174 International

●     2 years from check in date of deposit to confirm reservation.

●     Contact at 1.877.355.4648 or visit online at www.intervalworld.com


●     Over 4,000 resorts in 100 countries

●     Exchange Rate: $194

●     2 years from check in date of deposit to confirm reservation

●     Contact at 1.877.225.5724 or visit online at www.rci.com

For additional information on exchanging your week contact Festiva Hospitality Group’s Owner Services Department toll-free at 1.866.933.7848 or email ownerservices@festiva.travel.

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Responses to 'Exchanging Your Festiva Week'
  1. This is great news! Can’t wait to start using our investment with Festiva

  2. Default avatarBecky Bakley
    replied on September 14, 2010 - 11:51 am
  1. I was not aware until today that we could deposit with RCI. It would be helpful if we knew which of our resorts are associated with RCI or II or have dual affiliations. When I became a Festiva owner (at Ellington) it was as an
    II Member, but I am also RCI, both weeks and points.

  2. Default avatarHerman Greene
    replied on September 14, 2010 - 7:40 pm
  1. Mr. Greene, thank you for your comment! Here is a list of the affiliated resorts:

    RCI Affiliated
    The Atrium
    Festiva Sailing Vacations
    Frenchmen Orleans
    Lodges at Maple Creek
    Paradise Harbour Club

    II Affiliated
    Cabins at Green Mountain
    Ocean Gate
    Rangeley Lake Resort
    Stormy Point Village
    Thousand Hills
    Wild Wing


    Blue Ridge Village
    Church Street Inn
    Laurel Point
    Maggie Valley
    Mirror Lake
    Outer Banks Beach Club
    Peppertree Atlantic Beach
    Peppertree by the Sea
    Peppertree Ocean Club
    Sandpebble Beach Club
    Sea Mystique
    Mirror Lake & Tamarack

  2. Default avatarFestiva Hospitality Group
    replied on September 15, 2010 - 7:46 am
  1. I’ve been trying to contact someone. We may be unable to use our timeshare @ atlantic beach peppertree this year(week of 10-16). We are fixed week owners and was interested in exhcanging our week for a different location and time. Please let me know how this is possible and what is required.

  2. Default avataramanda zaytoun
    replied on September 21, 2010 - 10:33 am
  1. Mrs. Zaytoun,
    As long as your 2011 maintenance fees are paid you can deposit your fixed week now. Contact your exchange company and provide them your unit information and they will take care of the rest. If you have any further questions contact the Owner Services Department at 1.866.933.7848

  2. Default avatarfestivatravel
    replied on September 23, 2010 - 8:01 am