Using Your Platinum Rewards


With the Adventure Club expanding its directory, member base and benefits, the perks of having a Platinum Rewards account may be forgotten. This membership increases the amount of locations available for booking and offers pay as you book discounts on resorts, hotels, cruises and airfare. If this all sounds familiar, but you’re still drawing a blank on the product and how it can work a discount cruise or exotic vacation in to your near future, then here are a few tips to help get you going on a getaway with Platinum Rewards.


Accessing Your Account

Calling a Platinum Rewards representative is the first step to vacation bliss. By verifying your full name, address and phone number, an account specialist will be able to provide your account number, username and password to access Platinum Rewards online. Your username and password are set by the vacation department, so only a certified representative has access to it. If you have already acquired your information, login here to begin browsing discount destinations.


Vacation Credits

Once access to Platinum Rewards is gained, either online or by phone, you will see your vacation credit balance. Vacation credits are often confused with Festiva Adventure Club points, because both are used for resort reservations. Credits with Platinum Rewards cannot be used to decrease the cost of cruises, hotels or airfare, but we will get to those discounts a little further on. If you’ve used all your Adventure Club points or the location you’re looking for is booked then Platinum Rewards credits can discount a week away up to 70%. This includes world class resorts on the coast of Cancun, Hawaii and Alaska.


Cruises and Adventure Club Points

Cruises are considered one of Platinum Rewards specialties since they offer low prices and several options for additional discounts. Last minute deals on voyages can go as low as $199. This is typically within 4 to 6 weeks of sailing. If you prefer to book months in advance, discounts are still available, but to further decrease your cost Adventure Club members can use 1,900 Adventure Club points to discount a cruise with Platinum Rewards. Adventure Club points are traded to Platinum Rewards through a Festiva Member Services representative. Simply give us a call and we will do the trading for you, then connect you with Platinum Rewards to view your discounted cruise price. If you are unhappy with the discount offered, just contact us back at Member Services within 2 days and we will bring your points back to your Festiva Adventure Club account.

Note: Deferred Adventure Club points cannot be used to discount cruises with Platinum Rewards


Flights and Hotels

Airfare and hotel booking can be tricky these days due to fluctuating prices of gas and a decrease in demand because of economic backlash. No need to set alerts on travel sites or worry you’re going to miss those ten second deals online because Platinum Rewards offers steady prices on airfare and hotels around the globe. Bundling both airfare and hotel reservations through Platinum Rewards can save you hundreds and is the best option for receiving the biggest discount. I’ve found this tool most useful when booking wedding, graduation, reunion and business travel, but it also works well when planning a relaxing escape. All pricing is done through a Platinum Rewards agent by contacting the Adventure Club Platinum Rewards department at 1-866-856-6361.

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